Imagine You Can: Drew Chadwick Imagine......


Tidal Waves

Imagine for wasidreaming

Drew: It was a sunny and beautiful Saturday morning. The tides at the beach were nice and calm. Nobody or seagulls in sight. Just the sound of the waves crashing and the smell of the salt water. It was a perfect morning at the beach. Perfect enough for a…

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From now on I’m going to say “you’ve got to be keaton me” as much as possible.

Imagine You Can: How He Wakes You....


Emblem 3 Edition

Keaton: He would always do different things to get you up in the morning. But his favorite way to wake you is to roll on top of you and tickle your neck until you wake or toss him off the bed.

Wes: He doesn’t do sappy love things to wake you. Instead he will grab his pillow and…